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Revised April 21, 2016 This was a request for information that came from an organization in Australia to Us. As one should always have a goal and a firm Innerstanding of that goal. I give you my dossier on Homo Luminous also known as the Light...


Revised April 13, 2016 Within the past week, We have done so much research that many things have been uncovered. I wanted to dedicate a good part of this day to update you on what I've discovered as some things cannot wait. I constantly feel that there...


Revised April 13, 2016 ASTARTE THE HOLY GOOSE/GHOST   As I sighted before it appears the problem on this dimension came in the form of an invasion. We are in fact living in the time after the invasion/war in which it appears the human race lost after a...


Rumination can be a problem for many of us, especially those who experience anxiety. Rumination refers to a person who constantly thinks about negative aspects of a particular situation. It is a difficult issue we all face from time to time and it can leave us with spiraling negative thought patterns, which...


Giuseppe is not a human but an artificial intelligence model, programmed to become the smartest Food Scientist on earth. Giuseppe is set to enhance nutrition availability while taking care of the environment, so it not only understands human perception of taste and texture suggesting clever...