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About the Higher Self

Another Clearface Inspiration

In Truth I see the oversoul as the final connection of self once fully escaping the labyrinth or maze like assumptions of the matrix which drags itself out creating time, distance, space, etc. Thus there is a true merging and then a dissolution of separates and perceived time, age, death, etc. Forever young then sets in as the baby knows nothing of an ill perceived god or higher power.

In time first the idea of guardian angel or oversoul seeps in, then god, then the king in that procession stopping at one or the other for various folk. In unraveling, if that ever occurs for an individual, they break free of allegiance, then from dominion, and then from the overarch as the final realization is all of these things are made from the same element and thus no different. A new status is then evoked and then a new maxim instead of “all men are created equal” it will be “we have no creation as we have no beginning and thus no end”.

I must admit just because I cannot readily comprehend such things on Matrix based desmodema low elven english coding doesn’t really say much lol since who could anyway? This is in respect a new language that comes before audible sound we are taking instruction on if we are willing/wheeling of course. #secretenergy #clearface #vastface #getsomewhere

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