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Astral Quest | Astrology and The Master Numbers
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Astrology and The Master Numbers

Astrology and numerology when understood represent the complex nature of our universe. Astrology as well as numerology have deeper meanings that act as the undercurrent of guiding forces in our lives. If we can break down these meanings we can understand how all the forces of nature come together in the way they do. By breaking everything down into basic numbers, we begin to discover recognizable patterns that give us incredible insights.” -Psychicuniverse


Astrology in its simplest terms is the study of movements and the positions of celestial bodies in our universe. The movement of each planet has meaning, and this meaning is understood simply by the concept of time and space, as are most things are in this life, only time can tell. These meanings are affecting not just our universe and world, but they also affect all living things including us humans significantly.

Astrology is the beginning of not only communication with language but also the beginning of religion, as we now know it. Everything began to be understood when our ancestors began deciphering the meaning of the stars. Religion is in fact mimicking of our understanding of astrology and the universe, it is just altered towards the belief in humans (Jesus) as opposed to the belief in astrology (the Sun). You can look at Santos Bonnaci’s videos on astrology to get a more in depth understanding of how religion and astrology come together – Astrotheology.

If you can begin fitting the pieces of the puzzle together within your own life, then you will begin seeing the significance of astrology and numbers which govern our thoughts and feelings. Use this Birth Chart in order to become more familiar with your own unique numbers and mappings of your existence.


Numbers carry the understanding of the formulation and existence of our world. They carry just as much meaning as words if not more. Science leans more towards numbers in order to understand the logic of all things. Even with numbers it can be hard to fully grasp their meaning without some type of creative thinking coming into play, as logic only makes a half not a whole.

Here are some master number meanings:

11= Is said to be the most intuitive of all numbers as it is our connection to our own subconscious. It is knowledge without rationality, our gut instinct. This understanding is how our ancestors came to know so much about astrology, they did not have telescopes as we do, but they had a strong connection to their intuitive sides. Since we are talking about pure intuition with this number, we also need to see its opposite, as both must work together in order to bring success. Therefore, we come to 22.

22= Is the doer, creating action, capable of spinning wild dreams into concrete reality. This is the scientific approach that is to be paired with the creative approach of 11. 22 represents goals that are brought down from the subconscious into practical application. 11 without 22 makes a person live in a dream world and 22 without 11 makes a person without guidance.

33= This is the grand combining and balancing of these forces 11 and 22. 33 is the yin yang, the masculine and feminine forces that work in harmony when these two numbers come together. The Magician in the Tarot is also represented as a combining force of these numbers since the magician uses creative energy from above and grounds this energy into our tangible reality below. Furthermore, it is law of attraction followed by action.

The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. His right hand holds a staff raised toward the sky and his left hand points to the earth.”-Biddy Tarot


When the two numbers are married together they go beyond a persons ego, they intertwine in order to take a person to their full potential. When this happens a person no longer has a personal agenda, they come back to the force of nature and work as a part of it. Therefore, the focus can be turned directly on humanitarian issues, which is what the greater forces of our world seek to achieve.

Together these numbers make the triangle of enlightenment. Astrology and numerology only come together because numerology is enhanced by astrology, therefore, astrology is at the basis of this knowledge. Our solar system in turn has a divine connection between numbers and celestial bodies. Planets are ruled by numbers and numbers break astrology down into more simpler terms of understanding, since astrology is so vast and complicated, numerology can help us understand it. The two come together hand in hand.

To find out more in depth information about how your body connects with the universe, take a look at one of our tuition courses. This course teaches you how to identify your connection to our celestial origins and helps you to understand the magnitude of your greatness.

The Bodies Connection To The Universe 

By Kim Stanworth

AUTHOR: Curator
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