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Astral Quest | Clearface vs. Vastface
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Clearface vs. Vastface

Wrestling with the Absolute and the Finite within? Clearface vs Vastface? Reflect on this…

I have also seen the ultimate result of ultra Clearface years ago when I almost died. My body became weak and my joints would not hold together. I became demagnetized within a nights period. The next day a friend notified me that an energetic practitioner had come in town from China and maybe I should speak with him, normally against such things I thought what the heck it couldn’t get much worst, minds well.

After the guy held his course I was introduced to him. I quickly skipped protocols in light of my condition and told him my circumstances. He did a simple test of my field in a dowsing type method and he remarked Whoa! Your Ming energy is really high so its killing your body. I asked him to explain. He said its all very simple. Your Spiritual or Ming Energy (Clearface) when increased to a magnitude that it no longer balances with your body will actually attempt to kill the body by depriving it of everything it needs to survive on a Planet. Yin (Vastface) on the other hand does exactly the same to Ming (Clearface) in most people. The flesh rules and grasps little to any knowledge or wisdom it only wants to see action, pleasure, physical gratifications etc.

Wholesome wisdom and knowledge of the innerverse and outerverse seems to be more of a “Perfected Vastface” characteristic as long as of course one does not get all material about it, meaning using such things for yet more physical gratification. Clearface who is a Watcher must keep close eye on this. Clearface is the Parent Vastface is the child, and the two have a deep relationship with one another. What I found interesting is in this article I read it mentions planets and energies being used as counterweights and balances to keep one stabilized throughout immortality. The most important to the ancient civilizations was called “Weight”. This I suppose is a reference to an agent that can act as an anchor or ground to an airy force. The use of such energies can be both effective and counterproductive for any Being depending upon their technique of balance which is actually timing. So thats what creates time, our talent of learning and applying this.

If Clearface deems Vastface as bad then that is merely Vastface acting like Clearface since Clearface does not think, is devoid of good and bad, does not move, does not act etc. Clearface is possible from deep reflective moments that can last indefinitely if one can find a nice cave lol however Vastface is the vehicle you choose to ride this plane, a dart if you may. Your Vastface is unique to you as it is your design. Don’t forget there are foolish Vastface identities especially when one handles themselves as such, gaining only frivolous knowledge like how to play poker, charm girls, etc. But a Perfected Vastface is one who’s actions are a benefit to Mankind, a reflection of the stillness of perfection yet it is not still it is in action. The most interesting part is between these two introspections, the Absolute and the Finite something greater comes forth, a birth or agreement between the two if you may. That I think is what the magnificent human is. Clearface and Vastface in the constant process of merging. See the geometry attached. Three Spheres create the portal/exit point of the womb. All points in time merging or Zero Point, thats us and was us to speak properly, the field that anything can manifest instantly or a field of no manifestation. Earth is as such to the Adept.

Visual – Outside of time I can see Vastface trying to convince Clearface that it actually exists and Clearface insisting that it does not. lol That begins what we call “an awakening” Divine comedy between these two. The truth is the Clearface is an Absolute, it cannot be avoided like death. Perfected Vastface knows this so passes its time until that moment, it should not be in any rush since after all leaving the planet cannot be prevented only sped up. This allows you also to be truly free and move without strain or lack of expression since the greatest part is yet to come! What say ye! 🙂 #clearface #vastface #astralquest #innerstanding #worldbuilder

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