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Deprogramming From Rumination

Rumination can be a problem for many of us, especially those who experience anxiety. Rumination refers to a person who constantly thinks about negative aspects of a particular situation. It is a difficult issue we all face from time to time and it can leave us with spiraling negative thought patterns, which can take away our creative powers. But we are to realize that it is just a thought pattern. The real you is not any of your thoughts, thoughts are merely another side to you, the real you lives calmly and quietly observes how you react to these thoughts and situations that happen to you.

The thoughts that we have are governed by our environment as well as our past experiences. Our society plays a big role in which thoughts continuously pop up in our minds, leading to fear, anger, resentment, jealousy and so on. This means that it is difficult for anyone to overcome rumination because our media also does not teach us how to improve our state of mind, instead it bombards us with trivial ideas and mindless entertainment, all contributing to even more programming.

Another thing which is important is that those of us that have high social, political, economical responsibility roles, are not always living our life in a harmonious or balanced perspective of being. This is due to the many perceptions of our governmental and political enforcers which we encounter on a daily basis. Thus, those who have roles in power cannot always be trusted to enforce correct judgements or truths even though they are easily spread through mass media in order for them to be accepted.

If we become trapped in our own thoughts then it is time to rejoin our true state of mind. We do not have to reject these thoughts, or even control them, but simply we have to observe them and decide which ones we want to give energy to. For instance, a person may have two thoughts come to them at any given moment. The first may be a particular situation that makes us feel small and lost in life, this thought feels like its constantly shouting in our face to be noticed.

The other thought is more subtle, it is calmly flowing through us and suddenly it reminds us of the good things we wish to accomplish, this particular thought gives us a new idea that we can utilize to create something good. In that moment you are going to listen to one thought more than the other. Since one thought feels so much better than the other, it does not make sense to believe or attach to the first thought because it is temporary, whilst the latter thought will steer you in a positive direction and give rise to more ideas that are in tune with your divine being, opening up other new creative and useful thoughts.

Therefore, from these two thoughts we can gather which is coming from our true self, and which thought may be coming from past attitudes that have formed due to our individual exposure to programming. It’s not hard to see why we are sometimes steered away from our true self and why we experience these thoughts, it all comes down to the choices we make within our minds.

One of the best practices is to learn to be patient with your own thoughts. If something keeps coming to you again and again it means you may be giving it more power than you realize therefore, you should begin to understand why this thought has power over you. Negative thoughts are not to be repressed though, simply understood for what they are. Once this happens letting negativity wash over you will give you the key to unlocking your minds power.

Thoughts can be likened to the good and bad forces in the world. All that exists outside of all of us, exists within our minds too. As we all know, we are our own worst critic, but we too are our own savior and the savior within each of us is constantly striving to bring us success in life. The hardest part of any thought is choosing which to accept, and since most of us would rather accept the positive thoughts only, this is not the end of the practice. Instead, we can also learn how to use negative thoughts to help us see what it is that we struggle with, then we can take the steps to implement changes in our mind and in our lives.

The real battle goes on within each of us, and not outside in society. Once we learn how to understand our mind completely, our focus automatically shifts towards improving our society, but it cannot be accomplished the other way around. Since the world around us is a direct reflection of our state of mind at any given time, it will continue being morphed by whichever mood and emotions govern you each day. Sometimes it is beneficial to realise that anyone can fall into the trap of clouded judgements or self criticism due to the programming of our world, but ultimately it is our own doing, and now it is time to be more conscious about the types of information we accept and reject. The best practice is to always bring awareness to yourself, mindfulness takes us out of automatic mode and brings us into contentment, the present and peace.

Bring power back to yourself and constantly strive to learn new things, study more intellectual books that are not necessarily popular or mainstream, or any information you can find instead of spending so much time watching tv or scouring social media. It is there for a reason, to distract you! Once we begin trusting our own mind and intuition we can decipher the lies from the truth for ourselves and no longer need to rely on others to form our belief system. Once you completely love and trust yourself, societal programming can never corrupt your mind again.

I also strongly recommend the Innerversity course on Deprogramming . This course examines the roots of mental programming and guides you in depth on a journey to better understand how to guard your mind in the future.

By Kim Stanworth

AUTHOR: Curator
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