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Jesus – Out Of Babylon

Revised May 2, 2016

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“It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”
Pope Leo X

Religion is the greatest form of mass mind control yet invented and it has been the most important weapon in the reptilian agenda for thousands of years. It has imprisoned the minds of the masses and kept them in perpetual fear and servitude. They accept their often grotesque plight on the word of men in long frocks who tell them it is “God’s plan”.

Babylon to Rome

The blueprint for control by religion was honed and polished in Babylon, in the lands of Sumer in Mesopotamia. Babylon is also the location from where the global financial scam was foisted on the world. This scam involves lending people money that doesn’t exist and charging interest on it. It just so happens that Babylon became the new headquarters of the Annunaki bloodlines after the Sumer Empire collapsed.

Their operational center later moved to Rome and it was then that we had the Roman Empire and the founding of the Roman Church, which, understandably, was a copy of the religion of Babylon. It uses the same methods, symbols, and stories. It is interesting to note that the word basilica, as in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, would appear to originate from a term relating to both a deadly serpent and royalty. A basilisk was a “mythical serpent, lizard or dragon, the “King of Serpents”, whose hissing drove away all other reptiles, and whose glance and breath were fatal”, according to Norman Lewis in the Comprehensive Word Guide (Doubleday, New York, 1958).

It was the “king snake” that all other reptiles feared. The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language, Fourth Edition, 2000, reveals that the name basilisk comes from the Latin/Greek terms basiliscus, basiliskos, and basileus, meaning king or “little king”. This evolved into the Old French word, basilisc. Here we have the connection between royalty and the serpent yet again.

The basilisk is mentioned in Psalm 91, but by the time of the King James translation, the reference has been changed to an “adder”. Later the basilisk became associated with the cock and became interchangeable with the term “cockatrice”. St Peter of basilica fame is connected to the cock, as we shall see.

How appropriate should the centerpiece of the headquarters of the Babylonian Church in Rome be named after a royal serpent…

Rome to London

When the Anunnaki bloodlines moved their operational center to London after William of Orange arrived in 1688, we had the emergence of the British Empire. In fact, the empires of Sumer, Babylon, Rome, and Britain were all created and controlled by one force. In Babylon they used the same structure they had in Sumer with the priesthood acting as the go-between or middleman for the “gods”, and this gave them enormous power over the people.

During the Babylon period the Annunaki were seeking to rise from the ashes of Sumer and develop their strategy for taking over the world covertly through their bloodlines and front organizations. To do this, they needed to take out of circulation the true accounts of history, especially their own role in humanity’s suppression, and the esoteric knowledge that would allow the people to understand the magnitude of their own power and potential.

John A. Keel, in his book Our Haunted Planet says that they chose religion as the “battleground” on which to conquer the human mind:
“…The para-human Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshiped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America. …In some parts of the world the Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of the super-intelligence [God]. This led to the formation of pagan religions centered on human sacrifices. The conflict, so far as man himself was concerned, became one of religions and races. Whole civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in Asia, Africa, and South America.

“…Once an individual had committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something (probably an undetectable mass of intelligent energy) could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his subconscious mind … The human race would supply the pawns …Each individual had to consciously commit himself to one of the opposing forces …The main battle was for what was to become known as the human soul.”(1)
By choosing to give yourself to a deity or “god”, you open your psyche to possession by the force that deity or “god” represents. And deities like “Mary” and “Jesus” represent very different forces to those perceived by their “believers”. It is so important for people to get out of religion and start recovering control of their own minds. There is an important point to make before we proceed because the symbolism of the Sun is about to become very significant.

There is a general belief that the Sun represents the male and the Moon the female. That’s understandable because that’s the way it looks and on one level it’s true. But there’s a twist. There came a time when the global religion of worshiping the goddess was replaced by the male “god”. However, that was only on the surface, for public consumption, control, and ignorance.

To suppress the ancient knowledge, not least that of true history, it was necessary to destroy the outward expression of goddess worship while its initiates continued with business as usual. Therefore, religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were created to give the appearance of being dominated by the male, while, in truth, being secret vehicles for the worship of the goddess.

This involved taking female deities like El and depicting them as male.

The sun goddess

Way back in history the Sun was portrayed as female.(2) In Japan, a country with a long history of serpent worship, the ruling clans claimed descent from the Sun Goddess. Japanese tribes in AD238 were ruled by Queen Himiko, who was called the Daughter of the Sun. The goddess Aditi, the Hindu Great Mother, was depicted as the Sun. She was said to be the mother of the Adityas, who was symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Sun was the “garment” of the goddess, who was “clothed with the Sun”. When Christians made Mother Mary their version of the goddess, they said that Mary was a “woman clothed in the Sun”. Tantric Buddhism had the goddess as the Sun. The ancient Arabs worshiped the Sun as the Goddess Atthar and referred to her as the “Torch of the Gods”.

The Celts had a Sun goddess called Sulis, a name that derives from Suil, meaning both “eye” and “Sun”, both of which appear on the dollar bill and the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. She was also known as Sul, Sol and Sunna. One of her shrines in Britain is the biggest human-made mound in Europe called Silbury Hill, which is part of the complex of standing stones and earthworks at Avebury in Wiltshire, England. Sul was worshiped from the high places, just as El and her derivatives were associated with mountains. Hills overlooking springs were the most sacred places in Britain for the Goddess Sul, places like Glastonbury Tor and Bath.

Overlooking Bath, for example, is Solsbury Hill, and Salisbury in Wiltshire is another important Sun goddess site and the location of a famous cathedral much beloved of Prince Charles. When the Romans came to Britain they worshiped this goddess as Sol Minerva. Her symbol was an owl – the symbol of the rituals at Bohemian Grove in northern California. The road system around the Congress Building in Washington DC is also shaped unmistakably as an owl (see The Biggest Secret). The lion became the symbol of the “male” Sun when the open became hidden, but once again the lion had more commonly symbolized the goddess.

The Mother Goddess Hathor was depicted as a lion-headed Sphinx.

Mystery Babylon

The Mystery school/secret society network designed to advance the reptilian agenda expanded rapidly from the time of Babylon after 2000BC. In this same period the Royal Court of the Dragon was infiltrating the Egyptian Mystery Schools and the other structures of power. The Jewish historian, Eupolemus, said that giants built Babylon after the deluge – the usual story. According to a Babylonian text, these giants were the Annunaki.

The Annunaki priesthood in Babylon began to invent a whole new history and religious “truth”, through which they could control the people mentally, emotionally, and, as a consequence, physically. In doing so, they replaced spiritual truths with fairy tales about mythical people, which the masses were told to take literally. At this point, they were still referring to “gods” plural because the Illuminati’s manipulation had not yet reached the stage where the Annunaki and other gods could be transformed into one “god”. When that change came it would eliminate the more obvious records of their existence.

The Hebrew priesthood would achieve this, together with the English translators of the Bible. The religion of Babylon created the mould, even the detailed stories, for those that followed. For example, where have you heard this before: In Babylon they worshiped a trinity of Nimrod, the father, symbolized as a fish; Tammuz or Ninus, the son, who was said to have died to save humanity on December 25th; and Queen Semiramis, the Babylonian “Isis”, who was symbolized as a dove. They said that Nimrod and Tammuz, the father and son, were “one”.

When Tammuz died for the sins of humanity, the priesthood said he was put in a tomb and, three days later when they rolled back the stone, he was gone. All this was thousands of years before Christianity and it is just one of so many versions of the “Jesus” story that were told long before “Jesus” was supposed to have lived. Oh yes, in the spring rituals to mark the death and resurrection of Tammuz/Ninus, they offered buns inscribed with a solar cross – the hot cross buns of the much later “Christian” festival called Easter.

Christianity is just recycled “paganism” that condemns “pagans” as evil. Even the term “Testament” is the entomological confirmation that it is literally all a load of balls.

Lauren Savage, the Webmaster at davidicke.com and a long-time researcher of ancient history, tells me that the root of Testament is “testes”. Apparently, tradition says that the ancient Hebrews used to hold the other guy’s balls, sorry “testes”, while hearing an oath.

Funnily enough, they do the same in some of the Illuminati rituals today, I am told. Lauren says that in the King James Version of the Bible, Abraham has his servant swear upon his “thigh” according to the translation when, in Hebrew tradition, it would have been his dangly bits. It certainly gives new meaning to the term: “Got you by the balls”.

Staring at a penis was another way to “God” in these times, I understand, and in some way this related to “remembering” the covenant. All it does for me is make me remember that I am not as young as I used to be. So the Old Testament means “Old Balls” and the New Testament means “New Balls”. When we testify in court is the judge symbolically holding our testicles? You’re right, let’s not go there.

Suns of god

Tammuz was a name for the Sumerian god Dumazi or Damu (the “only begotten son” or “Son of the Blood”) who provided the blueprint for all the later sons of God, including Jesus. The Hebrews inherited Tammuz (also known as Adonis) from the Babylonians and the Roman records refer to Tammuz as the chief god of the Jews. The Jewish calendar still has a month named after Tammuz, who was known as “the serpent who emanated from the heaven-god, Anu.”(3)

And Anu was the head of the Annunaki, the Sumerian tablets say. The Mesopotamian kings were said to be of the bloodline of Tammuz, just as Sir Laurence Gardner claims that the Merovingian “true” royal line is the bloodline of Jesus. It was said that the land was given life by the blood of Tammuz and he was a healer, saviour, and a shepherd who looked after his flock of stars.

He died wearing a “crown of thorns” made from myrrh. Tammuz was symbolically sacrificed on the Day of Atonement in the form of a lamb. He was worshiped in Jerusalem where his exact story would later be re-told using the name “Jesus”. And, take a deep breath here vicar, the cave in Bethlehem where Jesus is said to have been born, is the same one where the ancients claimed that Tammuz (Adonis) was born.

The Bible “translator”, Jerome, admitted that Bethlehem had been a sacred grove dedicated to Tammuz, the fertility god or “spirit of the corn”. Bethlehem means “House of Bread” or “House of Corn”. Horns, the Egyptian Son of God, was born in the “Place of Bread” and Jesus said he was “the Bread of Life”.

The priesthood took the ancient Sumer Sun religion, esoteric, astrological and astronomical knowledge, and the stories of their reptilian gods, and buried them in symbolic fables. This hid their real meaning, except to initiates, while introducing the rigid beliefs of the prison religions. Every major religion, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism all had the same basic origin: the knowledge and beliefs of Sumer, which inherited the knowledge and beliefs of Atlantis and Lemuria. The major religions were all founded in the lands once occupied by the Sumer Empire.

They may have emphasized different elements of the Sumer beliefs, but that was the mould from which they all came. The priesthood’s job was to withdraw the true knowledge from circulation and they twisted their manufactured religious texts until the knowledge that would set the people free was portrayed as “evil”. Look at Christianity. Another goal of the priesthood, or the “Long Frocks” as I call them, was to develop stories and themes that made the people feel powerless, insignificant, and in awe of invented religious deities.

By being the “middlemen” to the gods (later “God”) and interpreters of the “law” laid down by these make-believe “deities”, they could control the people for their masters, the reptilian and other demonic entities. To stop the people rebelling against this suppression, control, and poverty, the priesthood stories had to promise a paradise in the afterlife for all those who obeyed “God’s law”. In other words, their law, the law of the Annunaki. And for those who did not obey this “law”? Eternal hell and damnation.

Even the term “sin”, as I have pointed out, comes from the name of an Annunaki “god”.

Out of Babylon (1): Judaism

The texts that formed the Old Testament of the Bible, a foundation of Judaism and Christianity, were written after the Levite priesthood of the Hebrews were held in captivity after 586BC in… here we go… Babylon! I think the term “captivity” is less than appropriate, also. The early Hebrews worshiped the serpent god of the Sumer Empire and the Levites were called “Sons of the Great Serpent”.(4)

Their god YHVH was depicted as part human, part serpent, and their sacred book of esoteric (hidden) knowledge, the Kabbala, means “Serpent Wisdom”.(5) The Levites or Sons of the Great Serpent (bloodline) worshipped YHVH as a dragon called Leviathan, hence Levite.(6)

YHVH’s serpent form was also known as Nehushtan or “Brazen Serpent” by the Levites and they placed golden and brass images of this deity on the altars of Hebrew temples.(7)

Excavations have discovered bronze and copper serpent symbols in former Levite temples. The mythical story of Moses and the Brazen Serpent set upon a cross is symbolic of this same theme. The Babylonians had inherited the stories and myths of Egypt and Sumer, and now they would reappear in a twisted form in the texts that would later become the Old Testament. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, which together make up the “Jewish” Torah, were all written by the Levites, or under their supervision, during or after the captivity in Babylon when the Levites joined forces with the network of the Babylonian reptilian priesthood.

So you find the Sumerian story of King Sargon floating on the river in a basket of rushes rehashed by the Levites in the account of the mythical character called “Moses”. And the Sumerian Edin, the “abode of the gods”, became the Garden of Eden in the Levite tales. The Book of Genesis is an edited version of the Sumerian accounts and it is a mass of goddess symbolism. The “mana from heaven”, which the Moses-led Israelites were supposed to have received from “God” or YHVH/Jehovah, is actually a name for the goddess, Mana, who, like El, ruled the underworld.8

The Romans knew her as Mana or Mania. Her ancestral spirits were called “manes”, as in the mane of the lion, so associated with the serpent cult, and of the horse, so connected with the Amazons or Valkeries. From the names Mana and Mania we get the word to describe crazed behavior. This is derived from worship of the Moon goddess, as in Moon-madness or “lunacy”. Mantra, the Sanskrit term for projecting vibrations by chanting words or sounds, comes from the same root. Manu was the name for the Indian version of Noah, who survived the deluge with the help of the Great Serpent Vasuki.

In earlier times Manu was the womb of the goddess.

The Levites, those Babylonian Mystery School initiates, invented an entire history for the Hebrews to hide the real story and create a fiercely imposed structure of religious control. The Rabbis continue that tradition to this day. There is far more about this story in The Biggest Secret, where I have highlighted the way these texts were coded with esoteric knowledge and why the vast majority of people who we call “Jewish” today have no genetic connection to Palestine or Israel.

They originate, as Jewish sources have confirmed, from the Khazars, a people from southern Russia and the Caucasus Mountains, who had a mass conversion to Judaism in the 8th century. The terms “Jewish” and “Hebrew” have become mixed up. Some people we call Jewish go back to the Hebrews of the Middle East, but most do not.

They come from the Caucasus. It shouldn’t matter where they come from, its just a body, but if people are being told a fib they have a right to know. So much of the “Hebrew” knowledge also came from the Egyptian Mystery schools and this is where the Hebrew language originated. The classic “Hebrew” or “Jewish” name, Cohen, comes from Cahen, the Egyptian name for priest and prince, and there are fundamental connections between the Hebrews and both Egypt and Babylon.

After all, the people who became known as the Hebrews came from within the same Sumer Empire that included the lands we now call Israel or Palestine. They were just an expression of the same empire and doubtless the priesthood of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Sumerians, and Babylonians, were connected by the same brotherhood networks going back to Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Sumerian priesthood were the middlemen between the people and the reptilian “gods” and so, in the end, were the others. The invented story of the “Exodus” was written to obscure the truth of what really happened in Egypt and there is no historical record outside of the Levite texts, nor any archaeological evidence, that any such “Exodus” ever took place. Between 1967 and 1982 when the Israelis occupied the Sinai Desert, they instigated a massive search for evidence of the 40 years the “Israelites” were supposed to have lived there.

What did they find? Nothing.

The loss of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea is not recorded in any historical document and this is utterly ludicrous if it had actually happened. The Greek historian Herodotus (C.485-425BC) traveled and researched the lands and history of Egypt and the Near East and yet he heard nothing of King Solomon, the mass exodus of “Israelites” from Egypt, or the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea. Neither did the Greek philosopher, Plato. L.A. Waddell, a fluent reader of Sanskrit, Sumerian, and Egyptian, researched that whole region in great detail.

He concluded:
“There is absolutely no inscriptional evidence whatsoever, nor any ancient Greek or Roman reference, for the existence of Abraham or any of the Jewish patriarchs or prophets of the Old Testament, nor for Moses, Saul, David, Solomon, nor any of the Jewish kings, with the mere exception of two, or at most three, of the later kings.”(10)
Nor was there any claim for the existence of any of these people until the Levites were taken to Babylon where the plot was hatched. The same stories that were told about Abraham, like the near-sacrifice of his son, can be found in India. Earlier versions of “Moses” appear all over the Near and Middle East and the Mediterranean region under different names.

In Babylon they said that God gave “Nemo the Lawgiver” the tablets of the law on a mountaintop. After the Levites left Babylon, they turned Nemo into “Moses”. In Syria, they had a guy they called “Mises”, who did all the things the Levites attributed to “Moses”. Like the Sumerian King Sargon, “Mises” was found as a baby floating in a basket of reeds or rushes.

Mises went on to part the waters with his magical rod and he was the guardian of the law, written in stone. Another “Moses” was the Egyptian hero, Ra-Haraldhti, whose alleged life was also copied by the forgers of history.” The “Ten Commandments”, so associated with Moses, are a copy of the laws known as the Code of Hammurabi. These were written at least a thousand years earlier.

Of course they were, the Code of Hammurubi came from… Babylon! But this code of Hammurabi goes back even further to our old friend Indara/Thor/St George, the first king of Sumer and his “Ten Commandments” of some 5,000 years ago. These were called in the Edda the “Hug Runes” with the word “hug” meaning affection, love, and good heart. Hence hugging.

You will find the completion of this document downloadable below in a pdf.

1. If Jesus is the only begotten son of god, why does the bible reference in Genesis that there is more than one son? “And then the “sons” of god saw that the daughters of men were exceedingly beautiful and took upon themselves…..”

2. Why does Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus all have Mary’s as mothers especially since both came before Jesus?

3. Why does Jesus refer to another son in the parable of the two sons. One of the sons mentioned they make a point to capitalize the “S”. When jesus is referred to in the New Testament they capitalize the S, indicating there where at least 2 sons,  Matthew 21:28–32

4. New bibles are constantly being printed and they keep updating and changing what is said. Does not the end of Revelations warn about this?

5. Who is Emmanuel, was that not supposed to be Jesus’s name, if so why is he called Jesus since it mentions in the old and New Testament he is to be called Emmanuel?

6. Chronologically it shows that the time that Jesus was supposed to be in existence Herod was not even the official of that area or even born yet, so how is it Herod was chasing Jesus?

7. If the god of the bible says “He” hates evil but then turns around and says he does both good and evil what does this really imply if believers are encouraged to be Christ like and God like to perfection? “Less ye be perfect because you father in heaven is perfect.” Perfectly jealous?

This thing can go on all night because the trick of the bible is it is filled with contradictions thus giving the person reading a bad case of blind faith. As I said before, to have a Anti-Christ you must first have a Christ, one cannot come before the other but they are in fact both the same thing apart of the same Agenda, separation from the Most High by saying one must go through a man, that was once god? Lastly I can only say this. What tends to happen to the bound is that no matter how much information you give them they will only in the end think you are the devil, especially if you know more about the bible then them. After all, Christians are told the devil knows the bible better than they do and thus one should not listen to those who are saying the book is Zionist propaganda at its finest. They have thought of everything and have trapped the people as such.
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