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Astral Quest | Radio Frequencies & Bluetooth; The Silent Killers
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Radio Frequencies & Bluetooth; The Silent Killers

First things first, if you’re reading this article you are being exposed to a high amount of Radio Frequencies via your cellphone/tablet/laptop/WiFi-router. What’s even worse, is that we’ve been conditioned to believe there are no Mal-effects of these massive & consistent to radio frequencies (24/7) let alone what the long-term effects will be. *Verizon Commercial, “Can You Hear Me Now? Good!”* Yes, mobile technologies & the Internet have created enormous leaps and progressions for the human family, but at what cost does this increasing number of devices/towers/vehicles in production every minute, for our bodies?

We will begin with the definitions of Radio Frequencies, Microwave Radiation, and Bluetooth.

The FCC defines Radio Frequencies as “Radio waves and microwaves emitted by transmitting antennas are one form of electromagnetic energy. They are collectively referred to as “radio-frequency” or “RF” energy or radiation. Note that the term “radiation” does not mean “radioactive.” Often, the terms “electromagnetic field” or “radio-frequency field” are used to indicate the presence of electromagnetic or RF energy.””

Note: The FCC admits that Radio Frequencies (RF) have their own electromagnetic field which are essentially on the same low frequency their on therefore the constraint of low-frequency radiation is inevitable.

Here is Bluetooth defined by Wikipedia:

radio-frequencies-bluetooth-secret-energysource: Wikipedia

Bluetooth also has 3 different types of classes:


source: Wikipedia


source: Wikipedia


Now that we are aware Radio Frequencies (cell phone & WI-Fi-signals), Microwaves and Bluetooth are within the same waveband, therefore, the rate of oscillation these frequencies are moving at are the same. Which means that the Biological Effects of each of these frequencies will be very similar. There is a lot of controversial research regarding RF and Tumor generation etc. One of the main deterrents of the link between RF & tumor growth is the inconsistent data around the long-term exposure and its effects. Note that the latest upgrade to Mobile Cell Service which is 4G, has only been around 6–7 years, the long-term effects of this particular upgraded signal is yet to be determined, because it’s happening to us right now! But if you switch your research keywords from cell phone signals (RF) to Microwaves (MF) you will start to find the exact information to prove the mal-effects.

A document published by Andrew Goldsworthy BSc, PhD, in 2008 called “The Cell Phone and the Cell: the Role of Calcium” Goldsworthy makes a very accurate observation about the human body he states “The human body makes a good antenna since blood vessels, which are low resistance pathways filled with a highly conductive salty fluid, connect virtually all of its parts. Even Cell membranes, which have a high resistance to DC, Allow radio — frequencies through because of their high capacitance. So when you use a mobile phone, its signal will be transmitted to all parts of your body; nowhere is safe.” He further states, “The Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation probably begin with the organism acting like the antenna of a radio. The radiation generates eddy currents flowing through it and (in the case of cell cultures) also through the surrounding medium. When they impinge on the delicate membranes that surround its individual cells, they disturb their ionic structure and destabilize them.”Dr. Goldsworthy is aware of the human body receptive nature to frequencies you can check is his document here how describes RF effect on humans to the cellular level.

So What Have We Learned Thus Far?

What exactly these radio waves are, the human body is actually receptive to these frequencies.

Let’s look at some Scientific studies:


source: US Library of Medicine


source: US Library of Medicine


source: Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of NAS of Ukraine


source: Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of NAS of Ukraine

and let us see what the FCC states about long exposure to RF’s


source: FCC.gov

Remember Dr. Goldsworthy stated the salt within our blood vessels make US antennas to RF’s, according to the FCC your eyes and testes (males) are the biggest!!


source: GSMA

As of April 7th, 2016 there are over 7.7 BILLION mobile users around the world most likely unaware of the harm they are exposing themselves and their loved ones too. At the very least, we shouldn’t be keeping theses RF devices near our reproductive organs exposing our genes (future of humanity) to low frequency waves and carcinogens. Millennials serve as the lab rats to life grown up with digital technologies and the fate of the human family depends on the actions we take collectively going forwards. Our children will be born already pre-exposed to massive amounts of RF which the effect is still undetermined.

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the UC Berkeley Prevention Research Center School of Public Health,was asked in an article by FOX NEWS “Does a low SAR rating make a wearable safe?”, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the FCC’s attempt to measure the rate of the body absorbs different types of frequencies. Moskowitz said replied“The SAR in itself is a problematic standard, because basically it was derived to protect against the acute effect of heating from microwave radiation,” he said. “It’s kind of a bizarre standard, because the effects the health community are concerned about are not thermal in nature. They’re the lower intensity exposures that are chronic over time. So the whole SAR framework is outdated.” The medical community is evidently inconclusively on RF’s and does not even believe the information provided by FCC, there are hundreds of studies with compelling evidence of the health effects of RF’s. SAR was created as standard to measure the effect of heat in microwaves (Notice the increase in bald men over the past few decades!)

Neither Government agencies nor the manufacturers of these products have the state of your health in mind; they construct these devices to emit just enough radiation to deteriorate us slowly over time. Every second, every cell in our body is in a constant battle of maintaining its frequency, being influenced to convert into the low-vibrating soup enveloping the industrialized world and slowly to the less “modernized” regions. Don’t forget about the potential cancer risk we are all facing every moment, which should make you think twice about leaving the laptop on your “LAP” and cellphone glued to your head for the 45-minute conversation with Mom. We are voluntarily radiating ourselves simultaneously together as mobile/internet devices because increasingly prominent. As Google and Facebook discuss spreading The Internet to Third-World Countries via Drones the very state of the collective human conscious is waken even more heavy fire than in past times. This war is silent, affecting us biologically literally right under our noses. Begin to educate yourself about the world around you and do not take ANY information at face value, lay a knowledge foundation based on truths.


I am not the type to leave someone hanging so what are my 2 best solutions for RF Protection.

Oregonite Orb Accumulator (secret energy store)

Ener-G-Polari-T Products (Making diodes since 1964)

Andrew Millan / Spiritech Specialist & Freelance Writer


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