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Astral Quest | Red Alert – Found The Red Queen
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Red Alert – Found The Red Queen

Revised April 13, 2016

Within the past week, We have done so much research that many things have been uncovered. I wanted to dedicate a good part of this day to update you on what I’ve discovered as some things cannot wait.

I constantly feel that there is no time. Whether that interprets as no time left, or removing self from concepts of time it does not matter, the same result ensues. It is just a matter of how you handle it. There are few things that become evident when you put it all together, very evident. The first thing is this world is very used to operating in a circle of destruction but also regeneration. Most people spend a great deal of their day on wheels. Wheels inside of wheels like clocks. That is a product of this Planet and the body but not the soul. The “O” is a Chaldean symbol meaning Zer/Ser as in Zero also Zervan was known as the Zero Star, a bunch of nothing. Its time we learn to drop that zero.
So here is the trend. Through peace which is really a division, the “forked tongue” of the controllers give choices to people only to get them to choose. This is the Republican-Democrat thing I discussed in the Code. They are both merely from the same network and the deception is to get you to choose, thus, you think you have avoided the greater evil and choose the lesser. Of course, that is not what has happened.
Problem action solution all created to make you react, externalize, and not focus on what is of value. What has been created on this Site is Internal/External a kind of hack to the Matrix if you may. When you come from your warm cocoon inside to see what’s up by coming here, you get food for the external. My compliments to the Chef. πŸ™‚
This tactic of good cop bad cop works more in spirituality than it does in politics. Looking over Eliphas’s old works to gain better ground on what these Thulists are up to he says, “It is Lucifer in the day and Vesper in the night. As if Lucifer is the good one and Vesper is even more vile, this two-faced Janus, you have to always watch both sides. This method goes on and on with the gods and they manipulate the stories as such. They have a proclaimed evil figure and a good figure that all stem from the same source and the person is encouraged at least subconsciously to choose which one is more pleasing to their character. (I do need an animation or picture showing that for all you graphics creators.)
The fact is you should choose yourself. Just as prince William has been born and they are sure to want people to bow down to him as the king, this is another fractal of the behavior that exist within the so-called Elite. They keep erecting their “god-men” for people to worship and grovel over so they can continuously steal power and belief. More and more We are finding out that the energy of belief can be channeled in various ways by those who are in the know. It appears a lot more are in the know that even I anticipated which means you must stay aware and become in the know yourself so you will not be preyed upon, ever.
I cannot say it enough, We must work tirelessly to notifying people, thus stopping others from giving their energy to these gods. They are not the Creator (Sounds like a game show). So all the Egyptian stuff, all the Anunnaki stuff, all the unsacred Geometry, and especially the viral gnostic ascended master nordic legends that feed inbred racial issues stemming from the outcome of the Orion War are part of Ouroborus and are molds that have existed since the beginning of time to get people to repeat/repent. (I know I have run on sentences for you grammar freaks, I do this for a reason as there is a flow to truth.)
What have you done wrong? Shame is a very low frequency pick your head up human soul you are great. I know this for sure and that is why I’m here with you despite whatever happens because I know the truth, I have seen it, not just read about it and that is the difference. I can tell in someone’s voice when they haven’t really seen the Otherside. Once you see it things are never the same again, you are forced to always be real and present.
The reason this occurs is everything reaches a boiling point. With all the division brought about by confusion of languages. Or else people would clearly see they are all really believing in the same thing, people feel so separate large groups are preparing themselves to bring death to other groups they feel are their opposites. Of course, in most of these cases, the puppet master is in the background working both sides up for a good sacrifice and the culprit is never addressed.

Sin, Guilt, Pain, Anger, and Passion. The longest color wavelengths discernible by the human eye. The choice in color is key.
So in uncovering the largest Brotherhood on Earth I discovered why the Illuminati have been thrust to the forefront as a smoke screen to hide the big play. I will also say that I personally do not believe WWIII will take place. I think it is the final battle of Earth. I think it is the time in history that keeps repeating when the whole world just about lines up for war and then “blink” within a twinkling of an eye, judgment is passed out and all people are sent to the corresponding dimension of their current level of Aura. One can actually do this before “end of the world scenarios” start to play, but all have to do something by 12 o’clock. These cycles of 12 are everywhere. 12 Zodiacs, 12 Tribes, 12 Months, 2012 Etc.
I believe this “twinkling” has something to do with an ultra force far greater than Nuclear, thus, all physical life is removed so fast nothing has a moment to feel the pain and then all of a sudden it’s like you woke out of a dream. Some will awake to a balanced existence of the full potential of who they are because they have earned that while others will awake to phantoms as companions of the fire.

Again this is a great time. Certain words have meant nothing to Us until now. We have the Cipher so looking at a term like Red Square now indicates an entirely different thing. Not to mention the group that was at play in separating me and Lenon was “Red Box”. There is a step pyramid located inside of this building and it once operated as a major headquarters of the “Red Brotherhood”.
Who knows what’s going on there now, but what is most important is the locations of these buildings as they are sitting on major ley lines. I will also show some ley line work in this country I’m in now, on video, and how it actually works. These places have generally partaken in several rituals to consecrate certain kinds of energy.



Communism is not just an idea it is more like a Brotherhood and they treat it as such. Do people actually think when the U.S. was going into these countries in the past and having wars with them all for nothing, for a little electronic? Again no side here is right but there is a very active spiritual war taking place at this very moment, it never ceases, and is no different than the battles of the ancient days that featured characters such as Ninja, Samurai, Shaman, Physic Spy, etc.


They are all aligned sharing a common cause, world domination, and destruction to free thinking thus strengthening the Hive mind. The HIVE is now represented heavily by the FIVE, it is the Pent or Pen that is used to keep everyone inside the Matrix, the Penitentiary for Cells. Gel Cells. Plasma is like Jelly, Hemoglobin.


More clearly known as the Reds the Normans were the descendants of the Vikings Β such as Erik the Red. Their deeds shall not go untold as there is a special section on all of this in the new book. They wear Red Ties, Red Hats, Red Gloves, “Red Socks”, Red Coats, etc.

The Red Queen has been found and it is Reptilian doubt it not. It is Venus also called our “sister” Planet. Their sky is red Our sky is blue.

What was learned is that these types of symbols had an entirely different meaning than they portray. On the offset one is lead to believe their leader is a Dragon Slayer. In all actuality, it meant that the secret was beneath their feet or hidden from the profane masses. The Serpent cults are ever shrouded in mystery and hidden meaning.

Well known “EA” Games. EA is Aya and is a reference to Sumerian Anunnaki EA.

CHOSEN RED QUEENS – Let Us keep in mind that it is said RA has 1 KA but possess 7 BA’s. This means that certain energies can incarnate into several people at one time depending on the strength of the energy. It is also known that Cities, which is an Egyptian word (Cidi), possess Ba’s or people themselves. Each City is an actual living entity, this is why they are named as such. It’s only when we look at all of this through the Illusion it loses meaning. But if you looked at an astral Los Angeles, you would see like I did that it is the City of Fallen Angels.





Many in the world may be the last to know, but not us. We brought what is Greater, You, the Most High exists within and chaseth away all contrary to your Ascension. The mind must raise its Guard and be fortified with Truth by Fact.

BenBen Stone made of Red Granite said to hold one Ba of Ra. Ra is Red as in Infrared.

AUTHOR: Curator
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