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Astral Quest | Secret Energy Insights – Releasing Trapped Light
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Secret Energy Insights – Releasing Trapped Light

It is a fact that everything on the physical planes are stored Light. Over time this Light accumulates and takes on different natures but its all penned up energy waiting to express itself again. Trees gather the sunshine and store it in their leaves, branches, and later the trunk and roots. Once energy falls below the speed of light it takes on a physical nature. So the formula to release trapped light remains within our consciousness. Only through our thoughts can we defeat time and space and therefore release these forces for higher use. As an example if I simply think about a distant place with my mind I have already sent a part of myself there, in addition if I recall someone or something from the past or the future I have “time traveled” to that space. With such thoughts we can begin to realize that there are unlimited reservoirs of power all around us waiting to be accessed.


Energy takes on various appearances but has the same origin and magnitude to the Adept


The orange tree must first take in and store the light from the Sun for months, when that orange is harvested the farmer must exert his or her energy to Β prep and package the fruit. The driver must then use fuel and the energy from his awaken state to transport it to the vendor. This includes the food he ate to stay awake, the preparation of that food, the crude oil harvested for the gasoline etc. The transfer of energy goes on and on until finally it arrives at your house in front of you. If you take a moment to think of all the energy stored within that Orange it can become much more than a piece of fruit, it becomes a power plant. Everything is like this, however, the technique that has been lost is the realization that this is how things truly are and the more you familiarize yourself with the acts of life, the more you poise yourself properly to truly win.

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