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Astral Quest | Shielding Against Improper Spiritual Awakening
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Shielding Against Improper Spiritual Awakening

When we talk about spirituality it is usually met with ideas of positivity and happiness, however for some people that choose a more spiritual lifestyle, but have not yet balanced themselves, over seeking spirituality and enlightenment can be a lonely and difficult path. Reaching frequencies you are not prepared for through chanting for instance, can lead to a person becoming unbalanced or even crazy. If a person dabbles with spiritual practises too often with no real understanding of what they are doing, they can end up in constant fear, or develop schizophrenia for example. This is of course on the extreme side of the scale, but unfortunately it can happen since there is programming developed in our society to stop anyone climbing the spiritual ladder.

It seems that when a person finally comes into their spiritual understanding, it is brand new to them and they wish to gather, share and spread as many discoveries as possible. However, this enthusiasm is not always met well by some people especially if they are not on the same path themselves which can lead to loss of friends. Although they may wish to speed up the process of awakening by gaining as much knowledge as possible, it cannot be forced for things to unfold sooner than they should because otherwise you will be unprepared for the result or have a difficult ride along the way. When one is on a path to enlightenment, it has to be a slow but steady path, many people wish to zoom ahead but can end up feeling more programmed towards fear than love. Once a person really understands how to guard their mind from their own negative thoughts, as well as staying grounded, then they can begin to proceed to the next step.

Mental Dangers of Psychedelics 

Overstimulation of drugs is one of the most common experiences that can leave people feeling extremely unsure of themselves and fearing life in general. Hallucinogenics and psychedelics are very powerful drugs or medicine that are not meant to be used to just have fun. They can be used for this purpose but unless a person is really willing to understand the messages that these types of drugs provide, their trip can soon turn into a nightmare. These types of situations can be easier to trigger in a person who has a ‘mental illness’ but that does not mean they are more prone to the negative effects of drugs, it simply means their mind is more sensitive and so more precautions should be taken. Psychedelics can both improve a persons mental state but also worsen it.

However, the key thing to note is even bad experiences with spiritual encounters or psychedelic substances can teach us a lot, if not more than the positive experiences can. Therefore, it is important to understand this fear that is generated in our mind in such situations, and find a way to make it be a positive experience. They key is to let go of control and self-judgement when taking a psychedelic substance, this takes away our fear once we can make that first step because we need to be invited on a journey with psychedelics and not taken in to one forcefully. There is a great YouTube channel all about safe usage of psychedelic drugs as well as good and bad trip reports and what to expect in these situations. Here is a great video about psychedelic awareness by PsychedSubstance.

Kundalini Awakening

Being too impatient to let spiritual matters unfold in your life is something that cannot be underestimated especially when it comes to a kundalini awakening experience. If a person forces a kundalini experience to happen but has not yet balanced their chakras, then this can lead into a negative experience instead of a positive one, which will have a lasting effect. There are many reports on this type of experience happening to people who were not ‘ready’ to receive the type of information a kundalini awakening provides.

“Kundalini can be thought of as a metabolic system whose purpose is to upgrade the brain and to elevate it to higher dimensions of consciousness.” – The Kundalini experimental Project

A kundalini awakening can rarely be achieved through one significant spiritual experience, instead activating your chakras and experiencing an awakening takes many years of understanding your experiences and further understanding how you can patiently overcome any drawbacks. When a kundalini awakening happens it is almost breaking down one’s functioning ego personality, therefore it can be very scary for some people who are still very much attached to their personality. A person can experience kundalini even if they have no idea what it is which can make it a very scary prospect also. Therefore, it is wise to implement your own research into kundalini awakening, but not expect to experience it until your mind and your body are ready.

What we can do

It seems everything has to unfold at the correct time in our lives for it to feel right, which we know to be the divine plan or way in which the universe works in harmony. When we feel rushed to accomplish something it means we are feeling stressed and not patient enough to let life just unfold. There are ways to guard yourself in becoming overly enthusiastic or obsessive about spiritual endeavours, but first of all it takes the realisation of these unbalanced thoughts for the understanding to occur. Furthermore, you can implement these steps in order to stay focused:

  • Respecting other peoples individual journeys on this planet (preaching to others in an unbalanced way about spirituality can end up leaving people with a bad impression of you)
  • Using your own intuition to understand what is truth and what is not
  • Finding like-minded people or a community online to share this part of yourself with, safely and comfortably
  • Respecting time! (everything will unfold in the right moment without rushing oneself too much)
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Natural supplements:

Frequency 432 acts as a shield against the damages of improper spiritual oversight which includes ingestion of hallucinogenic substances, chanting or utilising mantras, and aggressive breathing exercises. It is essentially a shield of over stimulation of the senses. Frequency 432 also protects against electromagnetic pollution.

Bimala for quieting the mind, especially in meditation when it is most effective to gain the knowledge and understanding of oneself.

Kim Stanworth
/ Spiritech Specialist & Freelance Writer


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