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Astral Quest | The Effects Of Sound Frequencies
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The Effects Of Sound Frequencies

Ancient sages have explained the impact of musical elements: Rhythm affects physical states,  Melody affects emotional and mental states, Harmony lifts consciousness.

Frequency is everything in the physical reality as everything embodies a sound. We have come to discover that the Universal Language of Sound, Shape, and Color make up the building blocks to our very existence. As we continue to research frequency on a private and public level we continue to find astonishing evidence that every desire we have be it benevolent or nefarious can be accomplished through frequency. We extend this revised composition of frequency correspondences to peak your interest in this amazing field in trust that one day all knowledge pertaining to this subject can be of great assistance to humanity.

Different operations within your organs also create various pitches or vibrations (or melodies). When your organs are out of tune, the listening to the proper tones can be healing and balancing, But! How do you know what to listen to?

Please access our Free Frequency Guide for more information.

You can learn more about Secret Energy’s listing of frequencies and how they can affect the human mind and body. The following types of frequencies are included :

• Brainwave Frequencies – Frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can manipulate your brainwaves and achieve certain frequencies and in doing so you can achieve the mental state associated with that frequency.
• Healing Frequencies – Frequencies that may be used to heal infirmities of various kinds or stimulate some region of the body including the Chakras. The medium used to do this varies. Some are Singing Bowls, Chladni Plates, Frequency Software, Industrial Frequency Equipment such as the GB-4000, and Tuning Forks just to name a few.
• Natural Frequencies – Frequencies that occur in nature such as the Schumann’s Resonance as well as sounds and tones calculated from the revolutions and orbits of Planets. Its clear these frequencies effect humans in various ways a topic only lightly considered in Astrology.

In Secret Energy you can find tools to make your space lighten your mood and challenges,  your Space can Change your Life and everyone should use their Environment for Enlightenment! You can also have access to Advanced binaural frequencies configured by experts to accurately bring about an array of benefits including heightened perception, reduction of stress and fatigue, along with mental and physical advancements.

The higher pitched and stronger (balanced) that our energy fields are – the less likely they will be modified by outside energies – making us able to successfully deal with many conditions and people, as negative energy cannot penetrate as easily.

Low tones correlate to many body pitches (such as the average vibration of your liver), while pitches in the middle range of our voice relate to mental energies. High pitched tones tie into dreamy, intuitive and spiritual energies.

The body is a beautiful thing! It releases endorphins when it hears what it needs for harmony. So if you like a melody, listen to it over and over and better yet, hum it! Try humming or singing softly throughout the day. Watch its impact on others and yourself.

Best of all your sacred space can be discrete, or obvious. You can incorporate it in any room in your home, your office or even your car. Create your own sacred space to go kit and take your sacred space with you when you travel. Whether you are simply a soul on your journey, or an active spiritual healer, people from all walks of life, and with any level of metaphysical experience can benefit.

Fortunately, you don’t need a specific reason to start listening to our frequencies.

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