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The Real Beast

Revised May 3, 2016

There are in fact two major factions inside of the body. One is the body itself, the flesh, the Beast, 6 Electron 6 Protons 6 Neutrons, the number is that of a man Revelations. Then there is the Spirit called also the All Spark, The Column Wave, etc. Now the Spirit itself can actually live without the body. There is nothing the body has that the Spirit needs, in fact it is the Beast that needs the Spirit to survive less it be endowed with no intelligence that equals progress. When the Spirit leaves the person their body will appear zombish, retarded, or even sleep, acting out basic automatic functions, repeating the same phrases over and over. When the Spirit comes out of the body it is not only Aware of itself, “I AM not the body” it also realizes that its entire memory bank is actually not stored inside of the brain.

In fact the mind has clogged the data stream that is normally accessed by the Spirit. This happens when One tries to experience the Spiritual world by relating it to this world. “I saw gold there, I saw Jesus, I spoke with the trees”, etc. These people are still within the construct of their own mind exploring its most creative unused recesses. Those who have been truly “Outside” simply say “I cannot explain it, it came deeper than emotions and thought.” This is how I also know the real from the convinced fake. For instance, one may say, “I have my third eye open!” – Well, when your third eye opens your other eyes close, you then have omnivision, you don’t see things as a duality, actually you don’t really see anything but lights and darkness, however you can hear everything and tune into everything’s “mind” that is sentient around you. This generally equals insanity for the many who popped open the third eye prematurely with electronic do-dads and alchemical formulas. No matter, in most cases it closes again and the person then has some strong spiritual experience to build upon.

Now I will tell you this my beauties, this Beast behaves as such: “Feed me, I want to be entertained, I want to be loved, I want everyone to listen to me”, etc. Love is Maya, Maya is Illusion. There is Love and then there is Compassion, one needs while the other gives, when you learn the difference between the two, oh you are on your way. When the Beast gets what it wants, it gets stronger, also strengthening the very thing that keeps most people grounded, attachment. Now I will tell you nothing is more dangerous than putting something before union with the Most High, the Great Attainment. It is most certain those who have not learned this lesson will be coming around again.

Now the Spirit itself has its own dangers. I did not say one was bad and the other was good. It is a fact however that the flesh is basically a dummy and loves to repeat cycles embedded in ritual and instinct, be aware of this. The Spirit, lacking answers, does a lot of filling in, it loves to imagine and lives in that Nation. While this is happening it will attempt to attach itself to other realities and thought (Thoth) streams. This manifests as it imagining it was a witch in past lives, a pharaoh, a scientist, a king, a killer, etc. Thus the Spirit mimics the flesh by creating once again another reality based on the perception and criteria of this world.

You are speaking English thus everything you can think has already been explored and there is a thought pattern, shadow, or silk line/web laid out across the Nexus for the cause and effect of everything imaginable in English and every other language for that matter. The real language is silence. This is why I may have to stop talking and even typing. The question has presented itself now to me because I’m now between worlds. Will these works be more valuable while I’m here or when I’m gone? Maybe We should ask C.S. Lewis. How long can an enlightened fellow truly live in such a society, with their money that they now want to make us slaves again? I cannot dive to such peril being at such great height, it is not possible for me. 7

AUTHOR: Curator
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