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Astral Quest | Why Internal Cleansing Raises Your Frequency
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Why Internal Cleansing Raises Your Frequency

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Your body has eleven major systems (Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Exocrine, Lymphatic, Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, Renal, Reproductive, Respiratory) and five are needed for continuous self-cleansing and elimination. You’re designed this way because your body continually generates large quantities of endo-toxins – the natural byproducts of metabolism. In fact, scientists estimate that in the time it would take you to read this section, your body’s natural metabolism will have produced enough “endo-toxins” to kill a small animal.
Add to that the modern burdens of exo-toxins – environmental pollutants, food additives and other stress factors – and it’s clear that if your elimination system is over-burdened or weak, your health and vitality can suffer. The Center for Disease Control has done large-scale studies and found measurable amounts of more than 100 toxic chemicals in blood and urine of the general public.

Based on the four temperaments of health that naturally evolved through time, our Complete Internal Cleansing Kit is an approach into a full body cleansing program formulated to cleanse each of your body’s major elimination and detoxification organs including your colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, lungs, blood, skin and lymphatic system. Although many times the body may even seem to be in a good condition, our assistance team can’t stress enough the importance for all aspirants to begin their expansion and journey in the best way possible: with the Complete Internal Cleansing. An Internal Cleanse helps in flushing away those pockets of waste collected in the body, making you feel a more vibrant version of yourself when not being held down by that toxic burden anymore, allowing for an easier wake up every day, always feeling better than the night before. Also, this way you will get the maximum impact of other substances further down the road thus being a crucial investment in yourself!

Dietary Considerations During the Internal Cleansing Kit

Some foods are particularly difficult for the body to digest or process. Below is a list of foods that are beneficial to eliminate while cleansing.

  1. Dairy products including cheese, ice cream, milk, and yogurt because they clog and congest, thus slowing down the elimination of toxins and old intestinal waste

  2. Fried foods, especially pan-fried with oil or deep-fried because they also clog and congest

  3. Processed sugar (white sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, etc.) in candy, soft drinks, or added to food, because they depress the immune system

  4. Common Iodized Table Salt because it constricts and holds in toxins (you can use unrefined, unheated earth or sea salt lightly)

  5. Meat, the major reason being because it takes the most energy to digest and slows a cleansing

Our internal cleansing solutions are not meant for the physical body only, they will also allow for you to be aware of the more subtle side of the awakening later. We find this to be very important for one’s goals, since the whole person is made up of interdependent parts if one part is not working properly then all the other parts will be affected. Many times we find that this may very well be the difference between wanting to get into higher planes/frequencies, from actually being there.

Deprogramming the mind from old habits will also be so much easier. If the body is still too dense all further progressions on gaining heightened senses and/or higher consciousness will be harder to achieve. A clear body leads to a lighter vibrational frequency which activates a clear mind, leading to a higher state of awareness and spiritual engagement.

That point in frequency can only be achieved with real commitment. The Kit brings with it all the proper step-by-step documentation for a correct and timely application to deal with the organs on the proper order so that the toxins flushed from one organ doesn’t spill to another. Once a person begins by raising the frequency of the physical body the right way, all else follows.

In conclusion getting a proper cleanse in first is the foundation to all of our supplements. While some of these supplements can be taken with vivid effects before cleansing, to get the best results possible it’s best to follow this regimen as it insures full experience on what the more subtle elements working with the higher vibratory fields – such as Monatomics – can do.

Avoid uncomfortable moments while using elements in the improper order by not feeling anything vividly. In this case it is not that the element is having no effect, but it’s just the faculties that the individual generally uses to feel and experience are far too dense to penetrate.


We’ve had people in doubt questioning us what is it with all this “story” about letting go of meat and why should they… Also not believing in the way not only meat but most types of food are simply engineered today. Well, to take a look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry click here to see just one of the many documentaries (Food Inc.)* available on our website.

*Sensitive images.


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